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A Berkshire Mumpreneur // Rebecca Hogan

Rebecca Hogan is a certified life coach and the founder of Rebecca Hogan Coaching. During this Berkshire Mumpreneur interview we find out more about Rebecca, how and why she set up her business and her top tips for others wishing to do the same.

Tell me briefly about your business? 

I’m a life coach and I’m super passionate about changing the way women, especially Mums, feel about taking time for themselves. I love to help Mums see how taking time for themselves means they are able to give more to their family, not less. And how spending a bit of time to find your Me again and work out what you as well as your family needs really helps you to feel the joys of Motherhood more. It’s not about having to try and do everything yourself and enjoy every minute whilst never having time to yourself as they grow up so fast. It’s about having something for yourself too so that you can enjoy quality time with your partner and children and appreciate each other more.

Rebecca Hogan
Photo Credit: Terri Joshi Images
Tell me briefly about yourself and your family?

I live in Wokingham, Berkshire with my husband Paul and our 7 year old daughter Ava. We all love getting out in our garden and going for walks in the woods as well as checking out the local parks and fun days out. I’ve lived in Berkshire since I was 8 years old but I still rely on the Berkshire Mummies instagram feed for a great dose of inspiration when planning the school holidays.

Rebecca Hogan
Photo Credit: Terri Joshi Images
When did you set up your business and why? 

After fertility struggles I left my corporate marketing job to set up a reflexology business to support other women with their own fertility and health and well-being. When I finally became a Mum I was so surprised to find it so hard that I decided to train to become a coach so I could help myself in the first instance as well other Mums that I knew were finding it hard too.

Once I discovered Matrescence, how I was feeling about motherhood finally made sense and I realised how normal it is to feel so out of sorts when all areas of your life have changed. Matrescence, your journey through motherhood, is like Adolescence and everyone knows that teenagers need time (years) to find their place in the world and so do we when we become Mums too.

It’s such a passion and a privilege to share my knowledge of Matrescence. I love to help overwhelmed Mums find their own way through their matrescence so they can let go of the guilt, doubt and overwhelm and enjoy motherhood more. 

What do you see as the benefits of being self-employed?

My work is super flexible. Most of my clients are Mums so they get it if my daughter is off sick or I’m not around as it’s sports day. Also they don’t expect me to be working all the hours when it’s the school holidays. My work is my passion and as I’m a Mum I’m living and breathing it because of that. So it doesn’t really feel like work most of the time. I just love helping people and seeing their lightbulb moment and how much more at ease they feel when they work things out and achieve the lifestyle they’ve been craving.

What are your top tips to other parents considering setting up their own business?

Choose something you love and are super passionate about because you have to put the hours in to make it a success. Get help with your mindset and learn from others that have been there and done it. You can shortcut your journey that way. But also be prepared to listen to your intuition, your gut feel. It’s your business so it has to work for you and feel good to you. Don’t be afraid of doing things differently to others and making changes along the way. You learn best by doing things, by trying things out. And don’t forget to have fun with it and get networking with Berkshire Mummies as it can be lonely being at home on your own all day.

What’s next for your business? 

Well I love the Mama Cocoon online community I’ve created so Mums can relax and reflect and connect with other Mums by talking about their experiences of motherhood. They support and inspire each other and it’s just so special to have a place to be heard, supported and understood. So I’d love to organise an in person meet up for that. I have a plan to write a book which has my own and my clients motherhood journeys featured. And in the meantime I have a new Find Your Me in Motherhood free guide and a Get Your Life Back But Better support plan launching in March and April 2023 which is exciting.

Rebecca Hogan
Photo Credit: Terri Joshi Images
How do you manage to run your business and look after your family?

For me it’s having a positive mindset that I can do it all and a realistic but exciting plan for the weeks and months ahead. If you know where you want to get to and you can take small but consistent steps towards it every week day then you’re winning. I fit the household jobs in and around my day but my husband loves being an active Dad so that really helps. As my daughter is 7 she is at school and goes to a couple of after school clubs which gives me a bit longer to get things done. Having coaching myself has taught me to ask for help and find work arounds so that even when there are teacher strike days and long summer holidays that I can ask for help from my partner and others so that my own wellbeing and my work plans can still be fitted in.

Finally, what are your top three things to do as a family in Berkshire?

We love to park at the FBC and walk or cycle to California Country Park. My daughter usually enjoys both parks and at least one cafe – yes there’s coffee too!!

Simon’s Woods and Heath Lake are great woodland walks.

Wellington Country Park!! With a farm, a train, a water splash area and lots of different themed play areas it has been our firm favourite since Ava was a toddler. We used to have an annual pass and go all the time before Ava started school. It’s such a special place.

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