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Halloween Cardboard Tubes

Halloween Cardboard Tubes allow you to make fun novelty decorations for the Halloween season.

I had a go with my eldest at making a few which included a cat, pumpkin, vampire and monster. Read below to see how to make them. 

What do I need to make the Halloween Cardboard Tubes?
  1. Cardboard tubes 
  2. Child friendly paints – I used orange, black, green and purple. 
  3. PVA Glue 
  4. Sellotape
  5. Black felt tip pen 
  6. Googly eyes
  7. Pipe cleaners (1 x green and 3 x black) 
  8. 1 x orange pom pom 
  9. A sheet of Black, white and purple card or paper
How to make Halloween Cardboard Tubes
  1. Plan what you are going to make and paint your cardboard tubes in the appropriate colour and then let them dry. I painted ours the following colours; black for the cat, orange for the pumpkin; purple for the vampire and green for the monster. 
  2. Once the orange cardboard tube was dry, I then drew on a pumpkin face. I then got a green pipe cleaner which I bent the top half into leaf shapes (see picture) leaving half the pipe cleaner unbent. I then attached the unbent section of the pipe cleaner with sellotape inside the cardboard tube, the leaves were left to stick out of the top.
  3. For the cat, I painted the cardboard tube black. Once dry I folded in the cardboard tube at the top to make the ears (see photo). I cut six pieces of black pipe cleaner, approx 5cm long, for the whiskers and attached them with PVA glue (I lay the cardboard tube down flat for this and left the glue to dry). Then using PVA glue, once the pipe cleaners we attached I also added an orange pompom onto of the middle of the whiskers for a nose. Above the nose and whiskers I stuck to googly eyes with pva glue. 
  4. For the vampire I stuck two googly eyes on about a quarter of the way down from the top of the toilet roll. I the cut a ‘v’ shape out of the black card to stick above the googly eyes (see picture). Then I drew on a smile and added two fags (2 x small triangles cut out of white paper). I then stuck the fags onto the vampires smile. Then I cut a triangle out of purple paper for the vampires cape and stuck it with PVA glue to the back of the cardboard tube. Finally I cut out a bow tie from the purple paper and coloured a black dot into the centre of the bow tie and stuck it onto the cardboard tube, underneath the fangs. 
  5. For the monster, I stuck on two googly eyes and I drew a monster face mouth onto the green cardboard tube. I then cut out small rectangles and stuck them to the cardboard tube (see picture). As a finishing touch I gave the monster some hair by cutting a length of black paper and cutting small triangle into the bottom length of the paper (see photo).

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