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Cardboard Tube Dragon

These cardboard tube dragons are not only fun to make but you can blow through them to make the ‘flames’ dance! 

What do you need to make a Cardboard Tube Dragon?
  1. A cardboard tube.
  2. Paint (pick the colour you would like for your dragon). 
  3. 4 pom poms (ideally two pom poms will be used for the eyes and two smaller pom poms for the nostrils). 
  4. 2 googly eyes.
  5. Orange, yellow and red tissue paper. 
  6. Red Card.
  7. PVA glue. 
  8. Sticky tape.
Cardboard Tube Dinosaur
How to make a Cardboard Tube Dragon?
  1. Paint the toilet roll the colour you would like your dragon to be and let it dry. 
  2. Whilst the cardboard tube is drying, stick the two googly eyes onto the two larger pom poms. Let them dry. 
  3. Once everything is dry. Stick the two pom pom eyes onto the cardboard tube, about 1/3 from the top. 
  4. Then stick the remaining two smaller pom poms at the other end of the toilet roll, about 1cm from the end (see photo), using pva glue. 
  5. Let the glue and pom poms set. 
  6. Cut two or three triangles out of the red card, fold over at the bottom of the triangles. Then glue them onto the cardboard tube – where you have folded over the triangle.
  7. Now cut strips of tissue paper approx 2cm wide x 15cm long approx in the different colours. You want 6 tissue paper strips in total. 
  8. Then get a length of sticky tape, attach three of the coloured tissue paper lengths to the bottom half of the piece of sticky tape and repeat the process with the remaining pieces of tissue paper. 
  9. Now use sticky tape to stick the tissue paper strips inside the cardboard tube at one end. You should now have large lengths of tissue paper hanging out of the cardboard tube.
  10. Now you can blow through the cardboard tube and watch the ‘flames’ come to life. 
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