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(AD) The power of one-to-one tutoring

AD Disclaimer: This blog post ‘The power of one-to-one tutoring’ is a sponsored blog post written by Tutortoo Slough.

Wanting the best for your child’s education is a powerful instinct, but knowing what this entails can be challenging. While you may instinctively know that having extra time with a tutor is a positive, you might wonder if it is the right thing to do. There are all sorts of reasons why you might be considering tuition. It could be that your child is struggling to keep up or they are a little bored at school and need stretching. It might be that they are nervous of school and are in desperate need of a boost to their confidence. Or like many other parents this year, you want to help your child catch up after a year of disrupted schooling.

At Tutortoo Slough, we know that one-to-one tutoring works when it comes to improving grades and exam score, but here are the some of the other important benefits that aren’t always considered.

Individualised attention

One of the more apparent benefits of tutoring is that the student is the sole focus of the tutor. In a busy classroom, it is easy for a child to disappear in a crowd. Most classes have close to 30 students in them and getting any sort of personal attention is difficult. It is more difficult for those in the middle abilities to get attention than it is for those who struggle, or for those who prove themselves exceptional.

It’s not just that the work can be tailored to the child’s needs – the approach of the tutor is just as important – the way they speak, and the feedback they give can be adapted to the emotional and intellectual needs of the child.

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Low-pressure environment

While some pressure is a good thing in learning, too much of it can result in anxiety. Consequently, one to one tuition is perfect for enhancing learning in a low pressure environment. While the impact of this may be subtle in the short term, the long term effect on attainment could be substantial.

In individual sessions with a tutor, a young person may be more willing to offer an answer, without the fear of getting it wrong in front of their peers. They are also more open to discussions around the topics they are studying and exploring new ideas or ways of thinking. A tutor can offer a safe environment to facilitate this. For a shy child, it could be all the help they need to practice giving answers and maybe stretching themselves in the future to offer these in class too. 

Engagement and enjoyment

Learning is useful when the child is engaged and enjoying the learning process. The tutor can use many more inventive approaches to learning in a one-to-one relationship than are available to a teacher in a classroom setting. All our tutors work to build a relationship with their students, so the child is always engaged and willing to learn.

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Personalised feedback

Feedback is one of the most successful tools in a tutor’s toolkit. The right input at the right time can help a child soar. Giving this feedback promptly in schools is a significant challenge as there are too many students and not enough time. In one-to-one tuition, this feedback will come regularly and at precisely the right time. Any potential anxiety that comes from worrying that you are doing something wrong or not impressing the teacher is mitigated by instant feedback.

In short, while we might worry that even more learning means less fun in life, the reality is that you might actually be improving your child’s enjoyment of learning by alleviating anxieties and helping them achieve their goals.

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Written by Navreet Grewal, Education Consultant at Tutortoo Slough, where we believe that building a child’s confidence is key to helping them achieve their goals. www.tutortoo-slough.co.uk

By Berkshire Mummies

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