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Guest Blog // Sarah Morris Nutrition

In this guest blog post for Berkshire Mummies, Sarah Morris, founder of Sarah Morris Nutrition, discusses 5 tips for boosting your energy.

Sarah Morris Nutrition
1. Start The Day Hydrated

Start  your day with a large glass of water! We all wake up dehydrated so starting the day with water is a great way to rehydrate and get your energy going first thing in the morning.

2. Get Daylight in the Morning

Our body clock uses daylight to trigger the hormones cortisol and melatonin that help us wake up in the morning and feel sleepy at night. Without regular daylight these hormones can become unbalanced and affect our energy levels. Take a morning walk or pop outside for 5 minutes with a cup of coffee for some natural light to help boost your energy.

Sarah Morris Nutrition
3. Eat a Protein Rich Breakfast

If you want your breakfast to give you enough energy to get your through to lunch then try a high protein breakfast. Protein will keep you full and stop you having energy dips mid-morning. Try a vegetable omelette or some Greek yogurt with seeds and berries.

Sarah Morris Nutrition
4. Snack on Healthy Snacks

Shop bought snacks are usually processed and high in sugar, they won’t fill you up and can leave you craving more sugar. Instead try snacks high in healthy fats to give you an energy boost without the sugar and keep you full until your next meal. Try a healthy trail mix of nuts, fresh berries and dark chocolate, or some hummus and carrot sticks.

Sarah Morris Nutrition
5. Prioritise Sleep

It is going to be really hard to feel energised throughout the day if you are lacking quality sleep. Try prioritising a regular bedtime, avoiding screens for an hour before bed by getting into a good book and sleep in a cool dark room.

For more please visit Sarah’s website here.

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