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Pets at Home Workshop

On Saturday 28th July 2018 I took my little one along to a Pets at Home Workshop. I pre-booked the workshop via the Pets at Home website. The workshop was half an hour long and free of charge.

The gentleman who ran the session showed the children a rabbit first which they all took in turns to hold and after that they got to hold a guinea pig (my little ones favourite). Whilst showing the children the animals the group talked about how to look after an animal; what to feed them, what they like to drink; how to clean an animal out and how often, plus a demonstration of a pet health care check, to make sure the animals are in good condition.

The children then went to look at the rats, hamsters and gerbils and they got to stroke some of the smaller animals. The workshop leader explained the different characteristics and habitats of the animals plus some of the different breeds.

The workshop concluded by looking at the fish, where the children learnt about how big some could grow, the different types of water fish liked to live in and what they were fed.

At the end of the session the children were given a certificate, poster, stickers, colouring sheets and an activity book.

My little one really enjoyed the session, especially being able to hold and stroke the animals. There were only about 10-12 children in our session and it was brilliant that it was free of charge.

We attended the workshop at the Pets at Home in Bracknell but check out the Pets at Home workshop webpage to see if there is a Workshop near you as the workshops are running throughout the school holidays at different stores.

Thanks Pets at Home for an educational Saturday morning.

*I was not asked or paid to write this post. I was just impressed with the free workshop so wanted to share. Click here to view the Berkshire Mummies disclaimer*.

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