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Homemade VE Day 2020 Decoration Ideas

On Friday 8th May 2020 we will be marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Despite us being in lockdown due to the global pandemic, Covid-19 we will still be celebrating Victory in Europe Day and remembering all those who sacrificed their lives for us 75 years ago. We have been busy getting ready for the occasion and have crafted some Homemade VE Day 2020 Decoration Ideas.

We will be marking this occasion in our household by having a Homemade Afternoon Tea which we will be sharing virtually with Grandparents. The plan is to decorate the front garden for the occasion, alongside other houses in our street. We have been busy making homemade decorations and below I have shared these ideas. During lockdown as a household we have aimed to buy little as we can online to do our bit to support key workers, so decided to make our own decorations rather than buy them. They have been great fun to make with my eldest.

What resources will you need to make the Homemade VE Day 2020 Decoration Ideas?

A4 paper

Child friendly paint – blue, red and yellow

A black pen

Blue, red or white wool

Hole Punch


Flags and Bunting

The flags have been made by literally painting the pattern of the Union Jack onto A4 pieces of paper. We will used these for decorations, however, if you wanted to turn them into flags, you could literally punch a hole at the top and bottom of each flag and thread a wooded stick through as the flag pole.

Homemade Union Jack Flag , VE Day

To make a string of 18 pieces of bunting we painted 2 pieces of A4 paper red, 2 pieces of A4 paper blue and got 2 pieces of white A4 paper. I then cut bunting triangles out on the paper (3 triangles per sheet). Punched holes at the top of each triangle and then threaded blue wool through each piece of bunting until I had a long string of bunting. I tied a know at the beginning one the end of the bunting, so the bunting flags couldn’t come off the wool.

Red, White and Blue Homemade Bunting, VE Day
Place Names and Table Mats

For each the Table Mat, I stuck two pieces of A4 paper together using masking tape. I then painting on the side without the masking tape. We made a Table Mat for each member of the family and painted them in blue and red. We then stencilled on 75 and VE in yellow on them.

VE Day Homemade Place Mats

Place Names are really simple to make, we again painted A4 pieces of paper in red and blue. Fold the pieces of paper in half so the paper was folded over and then cut them into rectangles, with the fold holding the two halves together. Names can then be written onto the rectangles and placed on the dining table during your celebration.

Place Names VE Day
Homemade Confetti

The Homemade Confetti will be sprinkled over our dining table when we have Afternoon Tea, I used all the left over paper which had been painted on and also the white paper left over once the bunting had been cut out. I then hole punched it and we got lots of lovely circles of confetti to use for decoration.

VE Day Red, White and Blue Confetti

Why not follow our VE Day celebrations over on our Facebook and Instagram pages. For more craft ideas head over to the Berkshire Mummies At Home category.

*Disclaimer – Please make sure, if you do any of the above crafts they are age appropriate for your child. Use only age appropriate equipment and supplies which you believe are safe for participants including wool, scissors, hole punch and pens. If any of the crafts are played with once made make sure they are age appropriate and safe for participants. Click here for the Berkshire Mummies disclaimer.*

By Berkshire Mummies

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