Cardboard Tube Monsters

How cute are these little Cardboard Tube Monsters? See monsters don’t need to be scary!

Cardboard Tube Monsters
What do I need to make a Cardboard Tube Monster?
  1. A cardboard tube.
  2. Coloured child friendly paints and a paint brush.
  3. Googly Eyes.
  4. Pipe Cleaners and / or Pom Poms.
  5. Coloured paper or card.
  6. Sellotape.
How do I make a Cardboard Tube Monster?
  1. Paint the cardboard tube the colour that you would like your monster to be. Let the tube dry.
  2. Once dry, stick your googley eyes onto the the top 1/3 of the cardboard tube using PVA – you might want to use between 1-5 eyes per cardboard tube – for arrangement ideas see picture above. 
  3. Paint on a monster mouth on the bottom 1/3 of the tube or cut it out of paper and stick it on with PVA glue or why not make a mouth with painted paper? (see picture for ideas). 
  4. Now add your monster hair for your Cardboard Monster – curl and bend the pipe cleaners or add pom poms. Attach with either PVA glue or sellotape. 

Please make sure that the activity is supervised at all times. Only use materials that are age appropriate for those participating in the craft or activity. Also, make sure you avoid anything that may cause an issue with regards to allergies.

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