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Watermelon Iced Lollies

Watermelon is so refreshing and a favourite for the whole family in our house. Here is how we made Watermelon Iced Lollies – they are super simple and quick to make.

What ingredients do I need?

1/2 a watermelon
25g-50g chocolate
Wooden lolly sticks or re-usable plastic fork

How do I make the Watermelon Iced Lollies?
  • Cut the watermelon in half, put the other half away as you will only need half for this recipe.
  • Then cut the watermelon half in half again and cut a couple of pieces across the length of the watermelon – the amount you want to slice will depend on how many lollies you would like to make.
  • Now take the pieces you have cut and chop them into large triangles (see photo). Obviously, make sure an adult does the cutting. Make sure you leave the watermelon skin on.
Watermelon Slices
  • Very carefully make a little score in the skin of each of the watermelon triangles, where you would like the wooden stick to go. Make sure an adult does this too.
  • Then push a wooden sticks into each of the watermelon triangles to make the ice lollies.
Watermelon Iced Lollies
  • Now melt some chocolate in the microwave, make sure an adult does this. 1-1 1/2 minutes on high should allow it to melt, just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t melt. The chocolate is only for a bit of decoration and a taster so you don’t need loads. Melt between 25g-50g depending how many lollies you are making and how much chocolate you would like on each.
  • Once the chocolate is melted, get a spoon and scoop up a bit of chocolate and drizzle it onto one side of the lolly. If children are helping with part, make sure the chocolate has cooled but still fluid.
Chocolate and Watermelon
  • Now put the lollies on a tray or in a container and freeze them.
  • Get the lollies out 5 minutes before serving, so they can defrost slightly and come off the container more easily and are softer to eat.
Frozen Watermelon Iced Lollies

We serve the ice lollies as a treat on a warm day or as pudding at teatime. They have been a success in our household.

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By Berkshire Mummies

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