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Review // Roly Poly Play – Playdough and Crayons

#AD#Gifted. Thanks Roly Poly Play for sending me a selection of your playdough and crayons to try out. I sat down with my little on Sunday morning and we got the new playdough and crayons out to play with, it was a lovely creative way to start a weekend morning. We drew pictures and made some Mother’s Day Cards with the crayons and then played with the playdough using the heart shaped cutter and rolling pin that came with the Unicorn set. I also put some of our cutters out for us to use with our creations.

The chunky colourful letter crayons I received spelling the word ‘HAPPY’ were great for talking about letters and the word ‘HAPPY’ with my little one. We also loved how the crayons made thick marks, perfect for producing rainbow pictures. The Easter Egg shaped crayons were also easy for little hands to hold onto and both the letters and egg-shaped crayons were a fun way to create mark making.

With the playdough, my little one decided to mix the colours that came in the Unicorn set together. We made playdough Easter eggs, hearts and stars and had fun decorating the Easter egg shapes. The playdough was nice and soft to touch and a great consistency for cutting, rolling and shaping. I also loved the ‘Made With Love’ embossed message that came on the top piece of playdough that came out of the package.

Thank you to Roly Poly Play for sending us the crayons and playdough (which are all CE certified and tested to European toy safety standards), we look forward to more creating and drawing over the Easter holidays.

Click here to view the Roly Poly Play website.  

*#AD#Gifted and Reviewed. Roly Poly Play gifted the playdough and crayons which appear in this post. I was not obliged to write a review but enjoyed using the products, so thought I would share. Views are my own. Click here to view the Berkshire Mummies disclaimer*.

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