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A Berkshire Mumpreneur // Lisa Rogers, And then she clicked

Tell me briefly about your business? 

Hi! I’m Lisa Rogers I create photos at ‘And then she clicked’ based in Bracknell. My portraits are all about connection, emotion, magic and seeing the best in people. To me family photography is less about just recording what you look like against a white background. I live to capture the crazy, unique love we all feel for our families.

Tell me briefly about yourself and your family? 

You can normally find me laughing my head off somewhere usually at myself. I’m not perfectly put together, I’m a little raw edged, a bit kooky and dry humoured. I’m also annoyingly positive, it’s just in my blood! I wear hats to mask my usually unwashed hair and love absolute silence just as much as I love a room full of my 3 children after they’ve had ice cream.

When did you set up your business and why? 

I’ve been photographing families for about 5 years and full time for almost 3 years. Previously in my 20’s I worked in a corporate environment as a PA. I was craving for something more from my career and I wanted to create something myself rather than supporting others to build their dreams. 

After some soul searching about what drives me, I came to realise that I have a built in default to always see the beauty in everyone and everything. I’m naturally the sort the person that cheerleads others whether that’s a stranger in a petrol station queue with nice hair or a friend that needs a pick me up. I just always seem to see the good in people and feel compelled to communicate it!

So it literally just clicked.

This is what I needed to do.

‘And then she clicked’ was born. 

What do you see as the benefits of being self-employed?

I like that I can make mistakes on my own terms. I can adapt, change paths and develop ideas as and when I like to. If I need support with something I get to choose how, when and who I get the assistance from and I get to make my own decisions. 

The sense of achievement and happiness I have from having created a profitable and meaningful business from scratch and being able to be a positive role model for my kids is an amazing feeling. I’m able to be there for 99% of school related activities including drop off and pick up which is gold for me and as much as I moan about school runs I do love this part of being self-employed. Working for myself allows me to make my own schedule and if I want to randomly do something I usually can within reason.

How do you manage to run your business and look after your family? 

Honestly?! It’s a logistical nightmare most of the time! and it is a struggle. And then she clicked was set up whilst the two youngest were babies and toddlers. If I wasn’t feeding them or changing a nappy or doing the eldest’s school run, I was sleeping, trying to tackle housework and taking online courses.

I try to compartmentalise as much as I can and schedule time to focus and think about different things. I’ve invested in technology that helps me automate certain parts of my business and I try my best to go out and meet with fellow small business owners to keep me sane! My husband is a huge support and schedules holiday when he can for my peak seasons.

What are your top tips to other parents considering setting up their own business? 

I think this depends on where you are in life, as everyone has different levels of responsibility. 

– For those with more flexibility I would say create things you love and wish existed more, find a niche in the market you can fill and do it immediately while you still have the luxury of time.

– For people with families and mortgages I would advise having some financial buffer to allow you to confidently take the leap and invest in your business properly. 

For both circumstances, acknowledge that it is daunting but if you don’t believe in yourself others won’t either.

Also, charge your worth! Work out your cost of business first before anything and make sure you’re earning more than the minimum wage. It’s all great for the customers selling cheap, but whether that price is sustainable in the medium and long term for a profitable business is the question you need to ask yourself. What are your over heads? Taxes? Insurance? Equipment cost, and most importantly what is your time (often away from your children) worth? Can you afford to pay yourself a wage and make a profit? Can you afford to re-invest in your training and business?

Take the opinions of your Nan or Dave at work with a pinch of salt, they are probably not your target market and so as much as their opinion matters don’t take it to heart. 

Stay focused and work out what success means to you. Being ‘busy’ is not my definition of success. Being relaxed is, and I still have some way to go on that.

Oh and learn. Never stop learning. 

Looking back at your business is there anything you would have done differently? 

I’d like to think I’d done it sooner… however everything I’ve experienced already has contributed to the person I am now. The jobs I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been are all a part of me, mistakes, warts and all. I’m currently in a good place and stronger because of my past, so no, I wouldn’t do anything differently. No regrets. Just lessons!

What’s next for your business? 

I intend on getting the ‘forgotten’ generation of teenagers involved in my wild and free shoots. I want to network with some more landowners and farmers for epic locations. And learning! I do at least two or three courses and workshops a year to keep my skills developing photographically and from a business perspective.

Do you have any promotions / offers running at the moment? 

My Motherhood sessions make great presents for others (and for yourself!) They are released on a limited basis each season and always sell out fast, the next release will be before Mothers Day. To be first in line, before the general public, sign up to the ‘clicked list’. Family sessions, Wild and free Kids and Newborn sessions are available on a bespoke basis all year round. 

Finally, what are your top three things to do as a family in Berkshire?

1. I love visiting Crowthorne Highstreet with the little ones! It’s perfectly sized for a park visit and I love charity shops! A mooch around the charity shops, visit to the penny sweet shop, First Days boutique and popping into one of the many coffee shops. A rather inexpensive morning or afternoon out.

2. My husband loves Geocaching with the children. I tag along when I’m not at work and they find the most unusual beauty spots. Some have even become new shoot locations. The app is totally free to download too and great for pre-school upwards.

3. National Trust Properties. We are members and absolutely love it! We live in such a gorgeous county and definitely get our monies worth visiting the many estates.

Click here to visit And then she clicked.

*I asked Lisa if she would be interviewed by Berkshire Mummies. I was not asked or paid to write this post. Click here to view Berkshire Mummies disclaimer.*

By Berkshire Mummies

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