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Guest Blog by Squidgydoodle // Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids

The lovely Berkshire Mummies has asked me to share some Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids on their blog. Once kids come along romance can sometimes get sidelined, but everyone has a love story and your children are part of that story. So whether your partner is the romantic type or not, Valentines Day is a great excuse to get creative with your kids.

These easy Valentines craft ideas are great on their own, but if you want to convert them into a card or a gift you can do that too. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or read my blog, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of process art where the focus is on the experience of creating. Process Art is a lot of fun and it gives your child a chance to explore what happens when they use different materials and techniques. There’s no right or wrong way to create, so it helps to boost their confidence too.


I absolutely love spin painting! It creates the most stunning results, is mess free and a lot of fun! I use a salad spinner which can be bought in store or online. Believe me once you’ve tried it you won’t just use it for Valentines crafts, you’ll be spin painting Easter eggs, Christmas decorations, Unicorns and anything else you can think of!

 * Cut out a heart shape from some paper or card

 * Fix the heart in the centre of a salad spinner with some blu-tack 

 * Squirt a drop of washing up liquid into the centre of the heart (this makes the paint spread further when spun)

 * Squirt a couple of drops of paint onto the washing up liquid

 * Close the lid and spin the spinner

 * Open the lid and discover your creation. You can keep adding more paint and spinning again to get different effects.

 * You could just fold your heart and write on the inside to turn it into a card. Or stick it onto a piece of folded card if you don’t want to bend it. If you wanted to use your valentines craft as a gift, make more hearts and string them onto a stick to make a mobile.


These beautiful hearts can be used as a sun-catcher, or stuck onto a Valentines card. It’s a great chance to teach your child about absorption.

 * Cut a coffee filter into a heart shape

 * Use felt tip pens to colour the heart. You don’t need to be neat, you can scribble away if you want to.

 * Put a piece of clingfilm under the heart. This helps to minimise the mess, maintains the vivid colours and makes it easier to move the hearts to somewhere safe for them to dry. WARNING: Please supervise your child with clingfilm at all times.

 * Use a pipette, small paintbrush, or spray bottle filled with water to drip, dab or spray water onto the coffee filter

 * Watch what happens

 * Let the heart dry


Do you like the thought of gazing at each other romantically across a table, for a Valentines meal, but don’t have a babysitter? Put these hearts in a box and take them along to keep your children entertained!

My kids love a challenge. I setup this Valentines art idea for them to do when they got home from school. My daughters’ excitedly exclaimed that they were going to decorate their hearts first. My youngest coloured her hearts in and my eldest wrote messages on hers, like ‘I love you’, ‘You’re wonderful’ etc.

Then they got down to building. It was lovely to hear them chattering about what they were going to make and how they could use the hearts to make different shapes.

 * Cut heart shapes from card. I used an old cardboard box and drew around a heart shaped cookie cutter

 * I cut slits in the hearts as shown

 * Give your child the hearts to decorate and build with

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. STEAM activities encourage children to think creatively, using problem solving skills to find a creative solution. Find out more about what STEAM is and it’s benefits in my blog post ‘STEAM activities for kids, what are they and why do them?

If you like these Valentines crafts you might also like my ‘Easy Valentines Art and Sensory Ideas’. It includes a Squish Painted Heart, Toilet Roll Painted Heart, Doily Heart Sponge Painting and Fluffy Valentines Slime.

*I was not paid or gifted anything for sharing this post. Debbie from Squidgydoodle was invited to feature as a guest blogger on Berkshire Mummies. Make sure you supervise anyone making the crafts at all times, that you believe they are age appropriate for your child and you are happy with the craft supplies, materials and tools being used. Click here to view the Berkshire Mummies disclaimer.*

By Berkshire Mummies

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