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AD // Gifted for Review – Beat That!

Thank you Gutter Games Ltd for gifting Berkshire Mummies Beat That! to review. We love a board game over the festive period and can’t wait to play this throughout the holidays. The game appealed as there is a chance to challenge yourself in ways that you might not necessarily do in everyday life. The game tests your understanding of your confidence levels verses your actual competence to achieve the set challenge.

Who can play Beat That!

The game is aimed at 11+ year olds. We don’t have children this age so played the games as a ‘date night’ whilst the little ones were in bed. However, we have since allowed our eldest to have a go at some of the challenges for fun, outside of the game setting with our help. Please note the box states the game is not suitable to anyone under 36 months of age.

How do you play Beat That!

The games include 160 different challenges written on a set of cards, which you pick from during the game, where you complete 10 of those challenges. There are Solo (do the challenge alone), Buddy Up (work with a partner), Battle Royale (compete against each other) and Duel Challenges (compete head to head against an opponent). As there were only two of us playing we did not take part in the Buddy Up Challenges. At the start of each game you are given 5 blue tokens worth 1 point, 3 orange tokens worth 3 points and 2 yellow tokens worth 5 points. You use your tokens to indicate your confidence in completing the challenge, for each round you predict your confidence and ability for completing the task e.g. if you are very confident you can do the challenge you would put your yellow token down. If you were less confident you might put your blue token down. If you complete the challenge you win your token but if you don’t the token is put back in the box. The winner is the one with the highest value of tokens at the end of the 10 challenges.

What was Berkshire Mummies verdict of the game?

We really enjoyed playing Beat That! and enjoyed having a laugh. You just need to make sure you have space to play the game, we cleared off the dining table and made sure we had space on the floor as for some challenges you need space to move and to lay out a tape measure and cups etc. The game certainly tested both your physical and mental strength, for example, getting you to hold a plank for as long as you can, seeing if you could catch balls in cups, stack dice with chop sticks, fly paper planes into a specific area and naming food and US states.

The game was good fun to play and has a vast variety of challenges to play, we still have loads to have a go at so can see the game coming out a few times yet.

Where can we buy Beat That!?

Beat That! retails for £24.99 on Amazon and can also be purchased in store at John Lewis and will definitely be being played again during Christmas and New Year.

*This game was gifted for review. All views are honest and those of Berkshire Mummies. Click here to view the Berkshire Mummies disclaimer.*

By Berkshire Mummies

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